Shadow Puppet Theatre & Fairytale Variety Show 

Midnight Radio Show

Leigh-Antony Rucker Floyd, better known as L.A. has had a varied career in the industry as a writer, actor, composer, and musician. Over the years L.A. has been a key figure in both pre and post production for the New York New Media Association, Third World Newsreel, BRIC arts, INIVA, and Penup! Writers Collective. L.A. has dedicated his life to creativity, growth, and discovery.

L.A. believes "An exploration of art should be as limitless as the depths of your imagination". L.A. has a reputation for breaking barriers and working with the brightest talent from the vanguard to the darkest corners of the underground. Most recently L.A. has composed and contributed music to the latest adventures of Charlotte Lily Gaspard's "Midnight Radio Show". L.A. says "If I can make you laugh, smile, or reflect on your own journey then I consider my mission accomplished."