Shadow Puppet Theatre & Fairytale Variety Show 

Midnight Radio Show

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Technical Difficulties or Questions? Contact us at : INFO@MIDNIGHTRADIOSHOW.ORG

Technical Specifications

Midnight Radio Show performances range from our traveling pop-up shadow puppet shows, designed to be easily transported and set up in gardens, parks, classrooms, galleries, museums and school auditoriums; to our larger productions which feature a full cast ( of humans and three dimensional puppets ), live musical accompaniment, and interactive elements. 

Catering to all budgets, themes, spacial logistics and levels of technical support... Midnight Radio Show can bring magic to your venue.

All we require for our Shadow Puppet Shows is the ability to create relative darkness, so the shadow play will be visible. We can provide all the elements for an enchanted theatrical experience, with our pop-up stage, our amazing collection of puppets, costumes, sound & lighting.

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Current Available Shows & Stories

All of our work is original, science fiction fairytales (with the exception of our commissioned works, which include some classic fairytales) Stories and Shadow Puppets by Charlotte Lily Gaspard; featuring music by Ezra Bloom, Sabrina Chap and special guests.

To view a list of our Current Available Shows & Stories, contact or visit the link below. 

Run times are listed, with suggested age range; Stories can be paired to match your lesson plans or current themes.